Curtain Wall: SCW

Curtain Wall: SCW

SCW Curtain Wall is a proven, cost effective solution for low to mid-rise applications. Developed to provide a high quality answer to many fenestration requirements, it offers total flexibility in specification.

SCW Curtain Wall can be either single or double glazed for improved thermal and acoustic performance. With a 50mm wide face dimension, the system offers a range of mullion depths to cater for differing structural conditions. Complementary sections for sloped glazing and a range of external caps to vary the finished appearance are available.


SCW Curtain Wall uses a box and plate format for factory frame assembly using mechanical methods at butt joints. Assembly uses stainless steel or plated self-tapping screws into integrated screw ports extruded into the body of the sections, directly through square cut adjoining component parts.

Vertical sections are designed to run through. This enables individual panels to be made separately and eases the problems associated with handling or transporting large or multi-panel frames when fully assembled. The system may be glazed using dual gaskets or a combination of tape and gasket to suit individual performance requirements.


All Rodnic Curtain Wall systems are available in mill finish for final finishing by others or can be supplied in a full range of polyester powder or anodised finishes.


When tested in accordance with the procedures laid down in BS 5368: Parts 1, 2 and 3, the product achieved the following classification for weather resistance as defined in BS 6375 Part 1: 1989.

  • Air permeability = 600Pa
  • Water tightness = 600Pa
  • Wind resistance = 2400Pa


SCW Curtain Wall is designed to accommodate various glazing options from 6mm to 10mm for single glazing and up to 28mm for double glazing. Glazing must satisfy safety recommendations and withstand the calculated design wind pressure for different types of location. All glazing must comply with BS 6262 and BS 952: Part 1.

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