Residential: Reale Casement Window

The Reale Casement Window is built to last. Thoroughly tested, our window meets or exceeds all relevant British Standards.

Reale Casement Window extrusions are suitable for both non-thermal and thermally improved applications. They can be installed into new buildings and refurbishments, into timber subframes or directly to brickwork.

The Reale Casement Window is available in virtually any colour.

  • Glass up to 28mm
  • Multi-point locking for maximum security
  • Trickle ventilator
  • Glazing security
  • Low maintenance


Reale Casement Windows are constructed using mitred and mechanically crimped corners with the added support of corner cleats and stainless steel chevrons.

Integral transoms and mullions are installed by scribing the ends and securing with screw fixings to the outer frame members.

All joints are sealed to protect against water ingress.

A range of ancillary profiles is available for bay window applications.


Reale Casement Windows are manufactured from the highest quality materials.

Extruded aluminium is Aluminium Alloy 6063 T6 to BS EN 755, PT9: 2001 (1991). Full gloss white (RAL9910) available as standard. All other colours available on request.

Anodising Natural (Silver) and Anolok Bronze BS 3987: 1991 to a minimum of 25 microns (AA25) available on request.

Gasketry is manufactured in accordance with BS 3734 and BS 7412 cat A.


Reale Casement Windows are securely glazed with 'shuffle in' internal glazing beads, captivated with synthetic rubber glazing gaskets. For added security, internal glazing options are also available.

The Reale Casement Window System can accommodate up to 28mm insulating double glazing which should conform to BS 6262.


Reale Casement Windows are designed to withstand forced entry and have been tested to BS 7950. Shoot bolts with key locking handles and security hinges in addition to the glazing security are all available as standard features of the Reale Casement Window. Casements can be secured in a trickle vent mode to provide ventilation at night. Traditional cockspur handles are also available on request.


Reale Casement Windows have been designed to accept a range of security trickle ventilators to comply with 1995 standard Building Regulations (Part F) requirements for background ventilation.


Reale Casement Windows have been rigourously tested and exceeded the requirements of BS 6375 Part 1: 1989 Severe Exposure Category 2000 and achieved the following:

  • Air Permeability - 600Pa
  • Water Penetration - 600Pa
  • Gust Deflection - 2000Pa


Reale Casement Windows can be manufactured to suit the majority of styles and configurations.

Casements can be manufactured to the following limitations:

  • Side hung casements:
    700mm Wide, 1300mm High
  • Top hung casements:
    1200mm Wide, 1200mm High

Glazed in accordance with BS 6262.

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