Windows: SPW300

Windows: SPW300

SPW 300 is a 51mm high performance commercial window system that achieves U-values less than 2.2W/m2K to meet the very latest thermal insulation standards of the building regulations. Comprising an integral polyamide thermal break, the system includes fixed lights, tophung, sidehung, tilt-turn, pivot (horizontal and vertical) and overswing windows.

A full range of mullions and transoms allows for large composite windows to be fabricated.


Windows are constructed using mitred and mechanically crimped or joined corners, with support chevrons and cleats to provide for accurate alignment. Integral transoms and mullions are installed by scribing the ends and then either screw fixing or bracket fixing into the outer frames. A proprietary sealant to protect against water entry is used on all metal-to-metal joints and cleat joints at assembly.

Opening window frames are designed to be inserted directly into the outer frames using butt hinges or friction stays.


The system is available as mill finish, anodised or polyester powder coated (with single or dual colour).


Products have been tested in accordance with BS 6375 Part 1:1989 (performance of windows and doors - classification for weathertightness and guidance on selection and specification). Test reports are available from all Service Centres.


Double glazing is standard and should be carried out to the recommendations of BS 6262. A variety of glazing options are available to maximise thermal and acoustic performance. Each pane of glass is individually inserted into a fully rebated and prepared opening, with the glass retained by beads. Wedge gaskets are to the inside to give internal beading as standard, improving safety and security. External beading is also an option on casement and overswing configurations.

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