Windows: STW200

Windows: SX200

The STW 200 range of low rise thermally broken window walling products has been designed to comply with the latest thermal performance regulations: Part L in England and Wales and Part J in Scotland. The system is ideally suited for a variety of new build and refurbishment sectors including commercial, office, education, health, leisure, retail and residential projects.

The system is fully compatible with the latest SPW 300 51mm overswing window and with the SD range of doors and SFG ground floor treatments.


The main outer framework is butt jointed and assembled using stainless steel self-tapping screws into integral screw ports extruded into the body of the main sections.

Vertical sections run through, with the horizontal sections being square cut and then machined to locate over the vertical rebates.

Opening vents are mitred and mechanically crimped using support chevrons and cleats to ensure accurate alignment. Vent frames can be fixed directly into the framing modules. Individual modules can be fully assembled and transported to site to assist in multi-panel assembly.

The range covers fixed lights and tophung, sidehung casements, in the following profile sizes:

  • 44mm system
  • 75mm system
  • 100mm


The system is available as mill finish, anodised or polyester powder coated.


Products have been tested in accordance with BS 6375 Part 1 (performance of windows and doors - classification for weathertightness and guidance on selection and specification). Security requirements have been tested to BS 7950 (for enhanced security). Test reports are available from all Service Centres.


STW 200 is a fully drained and dry glazed system and differing gasket and bead combinations allow single glazing from 4mm to 11mm and double glazing up to 28mm. Double glazing is normally standard and should be carried out to the recommendations of BS 6262.

Panels up to 60mm thickness can be accepted in spandrel areas.

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